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Posted: Friday, September 23 at 05:32 pm CT by Bob Sullivan

HOUSTON -- There isn't much on the city streets other than papers blowing around.

Still, at mid-afternoon we shuttle around downtown looking for the last souls in Houston.  The good news is, there aren't many.


Russ Anthony, who chose to ride out the storm in Houston, packs a few last items at a homeless encampment under an overpass near Minutemaid Park Friday. (Andrew Locke / MSNBC.com)

At a homeless encampment under a highway near Minute Maid Park, where the Astros play, the retreat seems recent. The site is largely abandoned, cardboard shelters and blankets left in messy piles.

We talk with Russ Anthony, who is picking through the remains, grabbing some extra bottled water before heading to his bed at the Workers Co-Op.  He tells us that three city buses have just come by and whisked away most of the residents.

Across the street, the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen is shut down -- a sign on the door says, "Closed for Rita."


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