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Saddam's brother tries to 'out' prosecutor

The chief prosecutor took the bait.

On Tuesday, Saddam Hussein's half brother and co-defendant Barazan Ibrahim, former director of Iraq's much-feared "mohabaraat" or intelligence service, goaded the chief prosecutor, calling him "comrade."

"Comrade Jaafar you know it was not only me interrupting the witness yesterday," Ibrahim said.

"But you were provoking him," said the prosecutor, Jaafar al-Musawi.

"It was not me, comrade," answered Ibrahim.

"I object to you calling me comrade," the prosecutor quipped, as if to say, "we're not that close."

"But comrade is a great compliment. What is wrong with comrade?" Ibrahim asked.

"I am not your comrade," said the prosecutor.

"But you are, we were in the party (Baath) together," Ibrahim said.

The prosecutor was silent.

Ibrahim first started addressing the prosecutor as 'comrade' (the typical Baath Party greeting) yesterday, but got no reaction. Today the prosecutor challenged him on it, and ended up being publicly named an ex-Baath party member on TV.

It seems that someone is feeding Ibrahim information, which he is using to pepper his outbursts, exchanges and greetings.

Yesterday it was Ibrahim who announced the death of former Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Hamza al-Zubaydi, a former Saddam aide in U.S. military custody. After Ibrahim statement in court, the U.S. military issued a press release confirming his death.


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